13062128_10206466240476932_6569335266692103410_nLambda Chi Alpha leads by example and precept. We excel on the social calendar and the intramural fields, we take pride in our traditions and high ideals, but above all, what makes a Lambda Chi is his devotion to his brothers. We live our open motto, Vir Quisque Vir: Every Man a Man.

Chapter Officers
Current officers and executive committee members of the active chapter.
Rush Lambda Chi Alpha
Joining the fraternity of honest friendship, and information about our recruitment process.
Membership Obligations
The basic expectations, rights, and duties of a good Lambda Chi.

Activities and Programs

Brotherhood Activities
Whether it’s a day of paintball involving the whole chapter, working out at Tarleton’s Recreational Center, or taking in a movie with just a few of the guys, Lambda Chi works together, plays together, and in most cases, live together. Regardless of our busy schedules and our different interests, all brothers come together through many different activities, from lunch and dinner to gaming and studying.
Philanthropy and Campus Involvement
feedingamericaFor over twenty years, Lambda Chi has sponsored the North American Food Drive, raising food for the needy in the Stephenville area. Lambda Chi also strongly supports philanthropies sponsored by Tarleton’s diverse sororities. You will also find Lambda Chis in every kind of club, organization, and publication around campus, from the InterFraternity Council to community service groups, from the JTAC News to varsity athletes & ROTC.
Social Program
Lambda Chi sponsors a diverse and active social program, ranging from our signature events like the Watermelon Bash and the White Rose Formal to mixers with the full range of Tarleton sororities and many smaller events.
Lambda Chi is active in intramurals, local sports leagues and clubs, and has many brothers involved in Tarleton athletics. Many brothers are involved in club sports, including club soccer, which was co-founded by a Lambda Chi, and we have had a strong presence in lacrosse, rugby, and track & field among others.
As Tarleton students, we learn to balance work and play. Lambda Chi enjoys a GPA higher than Tarleton’s fraternity average. Our national headquarters offers several scholarships, and many Tarleton Lambda Chis have accomplished great things in business, medicine and science, the arts, and in public and university service.

Special Programs

Levi Jones Memorial Scholarship
Information about the scholarship established in memory of Bro. Levi Jones ’04.
Parents Club
Information of interest to our parents and families.